International Forest Day

 International Forest Day
Credits (photo) | © 2020 Global (under licence). Forest (illustration).
Despite the coronavirus pandemic, let's not forget global warming threat. March 21 is the International Day of Forests.Without this precious resource, biodiversity would completely disappear. The forests have been massively affected over the past ten years by human activities, particularly in 2019 and 2020.

Australia and Brazil were the most affected countries last year and this year, with millions of acres destroyed. These mega-fires lasted several months. NGOs and experts agreed that at least 1.25 billion animals have disappeared...

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Press Review

FRANCE | 21 mars 2020

La Tribune / Giulietta Gamberini

Les multinationales restent sourdes à l’appel de la forêt

CANADA | January 19, 2020

La Presse / Philippe Mercure

Incendies en Australie: vers l’une des plus grandes extinctions de l’histoire de l’humanité?